Bombas de vacío de anillo líquido


SAFEM (S.A. Fabricaciones Especiales Manufacturadas) is a company dedicated to the manufacture, sale and repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors with more than sixty years of experience in the sector. 

SAFEM was founded in Gipuzkoa in 1959, in a geographical area with a large industrial concentration of OEM for the pulp and paper industry. The relationship we have since the beginnings with the leading companies in manufacturing machinery for the paper industry has contributed to the maximum quality and reliability of our products well known and recognized by our partners. Thanks to this, SAFEM has quality certificates that guarantee the correct development of the service.

SAFEM began its business as a mechanical workshop for the manufacture and repair of small flow pumps in 1964. As time goes on, it specializes in manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps and  compressors for a wide variety of business areas. In its constant search for innovation and technological development, the company creates its own liquid ring vacuum pump (AL series) and liquid ring compressor (CL series). The VP 2000 series is a true reflection of the innovative and avant-garde character of the company.

In 2021, SAFEM merges with OKOBIO, a company specializing in the repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps, creating the only vacuum pump company in the Iberian Peninsula with its own manufacture and at the same time increasing its range of vacuum pumps in its catalogue. This alliance offers a service throughout Europe for the repair of vacuum pumps with the highest quality standards in addition to the supply of brand new pumps.

The company has two industrial warehouses where they have a modern mechanical workshop with its own technology and engineering for the manufacture and repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.

As a result of our high quality standards, backed by constant performance tests, we feel the need to offer outstanding customer service. To achieve our goals, we create a stock of the most common vacuum pumps of the market, in addition to ours, in order to  guarante the lending of machines with immediate delivery, and be always available to our customers.