SAFEM offers a total service of maintenance and repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps, both for its own pumps and those of other manufacturers. 

Our technical maintenance center, with more than 30 years of experience, provides services for the installation, commissioning,  maintenance and troubleshooting of your liquid ring vacuum pumps or accessories. 

SAFEM liquid ring vacuum pump service centers are certified and together with their specialized partner, OKOBIO, work with updated  drawings and specifications, to ensure that all pumps have a performance that with at least 95% of a new equipment, comparing it to the original curve of the manufacturer.

SAFEM engineers monitor and always do performance tests after repair to ensure that the data obtained is completely reliable.


Pump reception, analysis and diagnosis

Once the pump has been disassembled and controlled, a complete file is made with the description of the necessary operations for its repair, with photographies available to the customer.

Input number allocated

Before starting to disassemble the pump to be able to fix a Roadmap for the different technical teams involved in the process of repair.

Manufacture data

One the pumps are dismantled, the different components are measured to see if they are within the manufacturing dimensions. A detailed report, describing the damaged or worn parts, and photograpies are made to complete the offer that is to be sent to the customer. Different repair proposals are made so that the customer can choose the one that suits him the best, with the goal on mind that the performance of the liquid ring vacuum pump must be greater  or equal to 95% (never less) of the theoretical curves.

Final assembly

Once approved by the customer, an order number is given and the customer is kept informed during all the refurbish process. After determining which parts must be replaced and after machining and other manipulations, the final assembly is carried out, taking into account the tolerances indicated by the manufacturer and ensuring our standard performance (95%).


All our pumps under repair or maintenance are always tested on the Bench Test where our technicians certifies the waranty of the good performance of the pumps once refurbished.

Vacuum and power consumption data are taken at 5 different points, obtaining the ratio Kw/m3/min (specific consumption), and the real curb of the pump. 

We have three test benches powered by an electric generator of 500 KVA, feeding the different frequency inverters for: 

  • One 55 kW motor for small flow pump.
  • One 200 kW motor for medium flow pump.
  • One 350 kW motor for high flow pumps.

It also has a closed loop circuit liquid ring composed of discharge pit, chimney-silencer, centrifugal pump to feed the liquid ring and frequency inverter for the motors as wel as  digital and analog flowmeters.

Power and flow calculation software.


In our facilities we have many liquid ring vacuum pumps that we can lend to our customers during the repair of their pumps, so that the customer can continue with their production in case they don't have spare pumps.

In this way, the customer can continue with the production until delivery of his refurbished equipment. According to the needs of our customers, during the exchange program the customer keeps the replacement pump with a real cost equivalent to the repair of the pump sent to the workshop.