Quality policy

Quality is a commitment and an individual responsibility of each member of the Company, which must be applied in concrete actions that reflect internally and externally an image of SAFEM that is identified with professionalism and quality of service.

In this way, we orient our actions to:

  • Maintain the Quality Management System based on the 9001 Standard implemented and operational.

  • Considering the customer as the company's top priority, committing to meet their requirements and expectations.

  • To consider the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System as a permanent objective for the organisation, planning, complying with the established requirements and reviewing it periodically in order to achieve it.

  • Establish quality objectives that serve as a reference for the adequacy and revision of the Management System and the Quality Policy, which will be periodically reviewed for its adequacy.

  • Correct any non-conformities that occur, placing emphasis on prevention in order to avoid their occurrence, with the aim of satisfying customer needs.

  • To train the organisation's staff so that they become aware of the importance of their activities, contributing to the achievement of the established objectives.

  • To foster a participative environment among employees and operators, so that they are fully involved in the fulfilment of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the development of the services we provide.

  • Act at all times in accordance with the strictest professional ethics.