MODEL 2AP3 320 [Suitable with the pump 2BE3 32 Nash]

SAFEM manufactures liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

  • Liquid Ring Flow:

    Vacuum below 400 mbarG 120 l/min
    Vacuum above 400 mbarG 240 l/min

  • Maximum Flow:

    100 m3/min


  • Medium flow

    Maximum Flow 100 (m3/min)
    Liquid Ring Flow Vacuum below 400 mbarG 120 (l/min)
    Vacuum above 400 mbarG 240 (l/min)
    Liquid ring connection DN32
    Shaft Sealing Packing
    Flange Diameter (DN) 150
    Diameter axis 110 mm
    Weight (Kg) kg
  • LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMP MODEL 2AP3 320 [Suitable with the pump 2BE3 32 Nash]

    Pump for chemical, food, paper, and many other industries.

    Single stage vacuum pump made with plate distributor.

    Recommended for working at any vacuum level.

    Anti-cavitation system can be installed to minimize wear on your components.

    Self-regulation of liquid ring flow while working.

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  • Repair service of liquid ring pumps in our factory

    SAFEM offers a full maintenance and repair service for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps.

    Our technical maintenance center, with more than 25 years of experience, provides  not only full refurbish of the pump but also services for the installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance and  troubleshooting of your liquid ring vacuum pump or their accessories.

    SAFEM liquid ring vacuum pump service center is certified and together with its specialized partner Okobio works with updated drawings and specifications, to ensure that all pumps meet the performance curves they should have according to the technical specifications.

    SAFEM engineers monitor and perform Bench Tests to ensure excellent quality.

    Methodology for repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps: 

    1. Pump reception, analysis and diagnosis. Once the pump has been checked and the problem has been located, a complete dossier with photographies is made available to the customer.
    2. A particular and unique number is allocated to the pump before starting to disassemble it in order to mark a Roadmap to the different technical teams that will intervene in the repair and set-up process.
    3. As it is dismantled, the different pieces of the pumps are controlled and measured to see if they are within the manufacturing limits.
      Once all the measured parts are checked a report and a series of photos are made to complete the final offer that is going to be sent to the customer.
      Different proposals are made to the customer to choose the one that best suits his needs, all of them with the goal that the vacuum pump achieve a performance at least equal to the theoretical curves.
    4. Once approved by the customer, the customer is kept informed of the works being done during the entire refurbish process. After determining which parts are replaced and after machining, final assembly is carried out, taking into account the tolerances indicated by each manufacturer .
      Final verification  is done on the Bench Test in order to achieve, and give the warranty to the customer, a performance of the pump at least equal to 95 % of the original manufacturer curbs.  


    All our brand new vacuum pumps, before the maintenance process ( depending on the needs) and always after being refurbished are then passed through the Bench Test  where our technicians evaluate the performance and resistance of the pumps.

    Vacuum and power consumption data are taken at 5 different points, obtaining the ratio Kw/m3/min.

    We have a Bench Test  composed of:

    1. Motor of 315 Kw.
    2. Closed loop for the Liquid Ring.
    3. Flow and power calculation software.

    Pump Exchange Service

    In our facilities we have liquid ring vacuum pumps that we can lend to our customers during the repair of their pumps, so that the customer can continue with their production.

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